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ThermoLazer ProMelt

ThermoLazer ProMelt

Thermoplastic Handliner

The world’s first fast melt, on-board handliner

Introducing the world’s first fast melt, on-board handliner – ThermoLazer ProMelt System by Graco. Now, for the first time, it’s possible to melt up to 300 pounds of thermoplastic material (6-50 lb bags) in a handliner in less than one hour! No one else can do this and we’re proud to say that this patent pending system will soon become the new industry standard for years to come.

ThermoLazer 300TC

ThermoLazer 300TC Thermoplastic Handliner

The most user-friendly, innovative thermoplastic striper to hit the streets

Graco’s ThermoLazer 300TC is one of the most productive and easy to use thermoplastic handliners in the industry. The system’s 300 lb material kettle allows for more striping and less time spent refilling with material, while its EasyGlide Wheel Mount System makes this unit as easy to maneuver as a LineLazer.

LineLazer V 250SPS

LineLazer V 250DC

LineLazer V 200HS

LineLazer ES 1000

LineLazer 3400

LineLazer 130HS

GrindLazer 630

GrindLazer 390

GrindLazer 270


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