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Graco has a complete line of fine finishing equipment designed for contractors who demand the best. As a leader in the industry, we provide the latest technology in finishing sprayers and guns that provide the highest quality, flexibility, performance, and speed. Read more about our sprayers and select the right one for your application and project size.

TrueCoat Pro-X Fine Finish

TrueCoat Pro-X Fine Finish Cordless Airless Sprayer

The TrueCoat Pro Fine Finish cordless sprayer is designed specifically for small fine finish projects. This sprayer features a ProControl Pressure Control System that allows you to optimize the pressure setting for spraying a full range of fine finish materials – from stains to lacquers to enamels. Innovative design features make this a unique sprayer that is fully compatible with solvent-based materials including “hot” solvents.


  • Small, compact design is ideal for fine finish applications
  • ProControl System - Allows for independent adjustment of pressure and flow rate
  • Patented ProSpray Technology. Comparable performance to Graco's professional airless sprayers
  • Sprays material as designed by the paint manufacturer - no thinning required
  • Consistent, even spray pattern for one-pass coverage

RAC X SwitchTips

RAC X SwitchTips Reverse-A-Clean (RAC) SwitchTips

The highest performing and longest lasting tips in the industry

RAC X Switchtips are the highest performing and longest lasting tips in the industry! RAC X is designed to maintain a wider spray pattern for a longer period of time. A wider spray fan means fewer passes with the gun and better productivity.


HVLP EDGE Gun HVLP Spray Gun for Contractors

Concentrate on applying the finish, not working the gun

Maximize your spraying performance with the new, innovative HVLP EDGE Gun. With cutting edge technology such as streamlined, intuitive gun controls, Quick Release fluid set, and optimized air pressure and air flow, the new HVLP EDGE Gun will help you achieve the highest quality finish available in fine finish spraying.

FinishPro II 595 PC Pro

FinishPro II 595 PC Pro Air-Assisted Airless Sprayer

The most versatile FinishPro sprayer ever, with more performance to get the job done faster

Fine Finish spray application

The most versatile FinishPro™ II sprayer ever, with more performance to get the job done faster, the FinishPro II 595 PC Pro is ideal for large commercial and industrial jobs.

FinishPro II 395 PC

FinishPro II 395 PC Air-Assisted Airless Sprayer

The features and output to quickly deliver high-quality finishes

Fine Finish Application

With features that make a great sprayer even better, the FinishPro™ II 395 PC is Graco’s premier solution to fine finishing. It delivers a high quality finish at a high production rate, and can handle the most challenging materials.

FinishPro II 295

FinishPro II 295 Air-Assisted Airless Sprayer

An entry-level air-assisted airless sprayer ideal for occasional finishers

Fine finish spray application

An entry-level air-assisted model ideal for occasional finishers, small cabinet shops and enthusiast woodworkers, the FinishPro™ II 295 delivers a high quality finish at a higher production rate than HVLP. Spray light to heavy material right out of the pail!

FinishPro HVLP Sprayers


Graco's FinishPro HVLP sprayers incorporate the newest technology allowing contractors and woodworkers to achieve the highest quality finish available in the industry. The new EDGE II guns allow spraying at any angle while the adjustable Turbo Control reduces heat and allows you to match fan speed to what you require for the optimal finish. FinishPro HVLP sprayers are now available in Standard, ProContractor and ProComp models matching the features and performance to what each contractor needs across a range of projects like furniture, cabinets, door frames, and railings. With the new TurboForce technology, Graco FinishPro HVLP sprayers are one of the coolest running, longest life HVLP sprayers on the market.


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