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ExactaBlend AGP

ExactaBlend AGP Advanced Glazing Proportioner

For sealant and adhesive applications in curtainwall and insulating glass


The Graco ExactaBlend AGP (Advanced Glazing Proportioner) provides on-ratio dispensing of two-component sealants and adhesives for curtainwall, insulating glass and other applications. The variable ratio ExactaBlend AGP offers advanced technologies at an affordable price.

Graco EFR


The Electric Fixed Ratio System (EFR) can handle a wide range of 2K materials, and can provide a precise dispensie for gaskets, beads, shots and potting applications

The EFR is designed to dispense 2K sealant and adhesives. It is built with an electric motor and mechanically linked Z-Pumps. Each of these features contribute to achieve a perfect result with each dispense. Trust in the EFR, which is Accurate, Versatile and Easy to use.


Accurate dispensing is key for quality end products. With the EFR you can expect accuracy during every dispense.


In Ratio:

The ratio is controlled by our mechanically linked volumetric Z-pumps. These pumps dispense 50% of their nominal volume in each stroke. This allows for accurate ratio control in small shots and in continuous flow



In shot sizes from 0,3 cc to any shot:

With the built in encoder, the flow is continuously conrolled to assure a consistent flow rate. And Graco’s control architecture controls the shot repeatability even during pump changeovers



From start to stop, even during pump changeovers

The electric motor ensures you the correct flow rate from the moment you start to the moment you stop, without any pulsation. The additional automatic calibration makes sure that snake heads at start & tails at the end are eliminated.



Don’t be limited to 1 material or application. The EFR gives you the versatility to choose the flow rate you need with the material you need , whether its for manual or robotic applications.

From low flow to to high flow

  • Lowest Flow: 10 cc/min
  • Highest flows: 3,2 L/min
  • Shot sizes from 0,3 cc

Wide range of Material compatibility

The EFR can be configured to handle a wide range of materials: Thermal interface materials,Epoxies, Silicones, Acrylics, Polysulfide, Urethanes, Filled and unfilled materials



The EFR was designed with industry proven technologies for simplified configuration, ease of use and maintenance.

  • Simplified configuration and setup
  • Broader hose selection in lengths and sizes
  • Easy to operate
  • Low maintenance


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