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NUKOTE ST®  is NCSI’s multipurpose high performance polyurea designed and developed to perform well for anticorrosion and waterproofing applications on steel, concrete, and many other substrates. It is a two-component, 100% solids, pure polyurea that significantly reduces the moisture problems that commonly cause pin holing and blistering in most polyurethane, polyurethane-hybrid and other organic coating systems. This aromatic polyurea elastomer displays good chemical resistance, thermal stability and UV resistance. Nukote ST can be textured easily for anti-skid purposes. The product has very good moisture permeation resistance and performs as an excellent barrier coating. Nukote ST provides excellent adhesion to most substrates when used with a suitable Nukote primer.


Nukote ST-M is NCSI’s multipurpose specially formulated polyurea coatings with characteristics and physical properties best suited for applications on substrates where faster gelling time is desired to minimize outgassing and the resultant pinholes, excess sagging and for overhead applications. Nukote ST-M (f) has uses in general as well as various industrial application including mining and mineral processing industries. It is a two-component, 100% solids, pure Polyurea that significantly reduces downtime in new as well as old construction and suitable for Metal , non- metal, SPU, and concrete structures and assets. This aromatic Polyurea Elastomer displays good resistance to a broad range of chemicals including hydrogen Sulphide, methane, excellent thermal stability, abrasion resistance and UV resistance. Nukote ST-M (f) exhibits excellent adhesion to most substrates with or without use of a suitable Nukote primer.


NUKOTE ST®-pw is a pure aromatic polyurea modified specifically to meet requirements for use in coating substrates utilised for storage and transmission of potable and drinking water. It is an ANSI/NSF 61 compliant and approved pure polyurea barrier material and also conforms to global migration Standard US – FDA: 21 CFR 175 – 300. Nukote ST-pw is tested and approved by many countries for applications on substrates in contact with potable water and food products. It is a plural component, fast set, 100% solids product suitable for concrete, steel, and other substrates as a waterproofing membrane, anti-corrosion and abrasion resistant liner. This aromatic Polyurea Elastomer also displays good chemical resistance, thermal stability and UV resistance. It can be applied by spray in single or multiple layers to form a tough but flexible homogenous membrane


Nukote XT plus is a fast set, rapid curing modified polyurea designed for use in application on concrete, steel or other substrates for protection against high acidic, alkaline chemicals in combination with moderate heat or pressure. Nukote XT plus is designed for acid and base environments and is a 100% solids flexible, aromatic, two component spray applied polyurethane polyurea. Nukote XT plus is suitable where anaerobic and aerobic waste by-products combined with elevated temperatures are expected. The product is commonly specified in conjunction with other Nukote products in monolithic compositions or as a geotextile composite for applications in immersion as liner or in secondary containment of chemical storage tanks. This aromatic polyurea elastomer exhibits good long term chemical resistance, thermal stability and UV resistance.
Premera AE T7LF is a slow drying and very thin adhesion promoter formulated using controlled chemical nanotechnology. It removes the need to sand between layers of paint and other materials. Premera AE T7LF bonds layers of material together making mechanical abrasion is a thing of the past.
Premera AE T7 is a very fast drying and thin nano-adhesive intercoat or primer. T7 is very compatible with many surfaces, and many coatings. Premera AE T7 creates a molecular bridge between a coating and the substrate. Coatings that ordinarily cannot bond to a surface are now able to.


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