Professional Spray Guns Selangor, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Shah Alam, Singapore, China, Vietnam

Graco's professional spray guns are designed and built for contractors. Whether you need an airless spray gun for spraying primers, stains, varnishes, latex, airless plasters, or high viscosity coatings such as tank linings or marine coatings, we have a model that fits your specific requirements and demands. Our professional spray guns offer: Maximum performance Dependability Durability Comfort, ergonomic design Long life Find out why contractors prefer Graco equipment. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Heavy-Duty Texture Gun

Heavy-Duty Texture Gun Manual Airless Spray Gun

Great for hard-to-spray, high viscosity coatings

The Heavy-Duty Texture Gun sprays up to 4000 psi (276 bar, 27.6 MPa) and is ideal for high pressure applications, including spraying airless plasters, tank linings and marine coatings

Flex Plus Gun

Flex Plus Gun Manual Airless Spray Gun

Lightweight and ergonomic for all-day spraying

Connect the hose directly to the gun through the spring guard for maximum flexibility.

Contractor & FTx Guns

Contractor & FTx Guns Airless Spray Guns

Maximum performance and comfort you've come to expect with Graco's professional spray guns

The Contractor and FTx Guns from Graco are designed to be the longest lasting, most reliable airless spray guns! You'll get the maximum performance, reliability and comfort you've come to expect from Graco.

Product Highlights:
Exclusive FlexSeal Needle design for longer life and maximum performance

  • Needle has no exposure to paint reducing wear, resulting in 70% longer needle life.
  • Reduced gun spitting - seat has been re-positioned closer to the tip, 60% ''dead space'' eliminated.
  • Spring is outside fluid path to eliminate pack out and slow needle shut-off.


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