Internal Pipline Coating Equipment Selangor, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Shah Alam, Singapore, China, Vietnam

360 Nozzle

Pneus Mini

In the range of guns for spraying/coating on internal surface of pipes, when it is necessary to spray with smaller diameter, we offer the gun PNEUS MINI. This airless gun is able to spray from a minimum diameter of 30 mm. to a maximum diameter of 200 mm. More over with the 360° nozzle covers all the internal hose just in one stroke. Simple and handy.

Pneus Big

 It is an airless spray gun designed to reliably spray/coat the internal surface of pipes. The 360° rotation spray head covers every square centimeter, at speeds from 10 to 100 RPM. An airless tip is fitted on the spray heads. By the pneumatic regulator it is possible to adjust, according to your spray needs, the rotating speed. Just hookup your airless hose with a shut off valve or gun to control the flow. The unit is pulled through the pipe manually.


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