Storage Tank Selangor, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Shah Alam, Singapore, China, Vietnam

Glass Fused to Steel Bolted Tank

Coventionally Reinforced Concrete and steel welded were the choices for tank constructions; however bolted tanks have proven to be able to solve the constructional difficulties of these conventional tanks
  • Bolted tanks take lesser time to be erected/installed compared to RC and steel welded tanks - the steel panels are pre-fabricated and being assembled on site. Another name of bolted tank is ''lego tank'', in which the steel panels are joint by bolts and nuts at site; jacking system to erect up one layer by layer. A typical tank would only need days to be erected.
  • As bolted tanks could be erected using jacking system, in which it does not consume much spaces around the circumference of a tank. A bolted tank can usually be erected within a confined/narrow space.
  • Bolted tanks are expandable, where the tanks can usually cope with the capacity/storage expansion of plant operation. The nature of the construction is ''lego'' £®joined , hence it is easily expandable.
  • Bolted tanks are easily to be dismantled. Many of the storage tanks are only meant to be temporary, hence bolted tanks would minimise the cost of dismantle (compared to RC tanks & welded steel tanks). However bolted tanks' designed service life could be as long as 30 years, hence the tanks are not only meant for temparary they could also operate long.   

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